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What's Coming Next

    We are hard at work creating and developing new products for winter activities, as well as creating a full Be Fearless Collection for both men and women to go with our Be Fearless Trail Race in June 2020. 

    We are very excited to be working with new fabrics including Merino Wool and Bamboo, we are also expanding beyond clothing to include some of our favourite outside add-ons. 

    Merino wool is sheep grown wool that is super soft and fine making it comfortable next to your skin. Merino wool is naturally long and makes for a stronger fibre, which means a durable product. It's very breathable, moister wicking, is naturally anti-microbial, which means more wears less watches and adapts well to changing weather conditions, which keeps your body more comfortable. Some still find the soft fibres of Merino wool to still feel slightly itchy however we are also working with Bamboo which is an extremely soft fabric, to help counter those of us with sensitive skin. The best of both worlds! 

    Our time line for our new winter items is in the new year, following this spring and summer collections. Stay tuned! 

    You can look forward to:

    - Running gaiters

    - Running Gloves

    - New Hoody's

    - Merino Wool/Bamboo items

    - Arm Sleeves

    - Compression Sleeves

    - Water bottles

    - Reusable cups 

    - Updates and new colours to some of our already favourite items

    And much more! 

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