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Fearless Ziplocks
Fearless Ziplocks

Fearless Ziplocks

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Designed for every adventure! These reusable ziplocks can go anywhere with you! We have been encouraging everyone to reuse as much as possible to help reduce waste and this is your to go solution. Take them to go for every race, hike, bike, walk, trip - adventure you go on! This is a package of two reusable ziplocks in two sizes and colours!

***This item is part of our pre sale and will be shipped in approx. 5 weeks. 


  • Light weight
  • Foldable soft silicone
  • Built in loop to strap and or attach to anything
  • Multi functioning   
  • Two sizes sold together (one teal one clear)


No fit, but fits anywhere!  


Small: 470ml - 18.5x15x3.2cm

Large: 900ml - 20x18x3.2cm